Savy International is a private company established in the San Francisco Bay area focusing on Chinese project services. Whether you are a Chinese corporation seeking a western joint-venture partner and high technology or a western company seeking to buy or sell products and services in China, Savy International will build your path to success.

Knowledge is power. But success in the international marketplace requires more than the mere identification of the target. Our network of powerful business and government leaders in the US, Europe and China lays down the road to travel. And our team of professionals from leading global companies drives your company to its profitable destination.

Our management team and consultant team are composed of Chinese and western professionals, each with a wide range of both Chinese and International business development experience. Most of our team members have worked as middle level or high level managers in top 500 companies located in U.S., Europe and China. Based on our recourses and experience, we will do everything in providing your company with the tools to be successful. We can provide your service needs directly or assist you in finding the services you need at your direction. Success is more than knowing, success is achieving.

Even with the extensive business exchanged over the previous three decades between China and the western world, wide differences in culture and business practices remain between the two sides of the world. Our experience will enable your company to avoid the scams and spurious expenses and empower you to reach your goals efficiently and profitably.